The Half Marathon that Never Was

I was so excited to run the National Nurses Half Marathon in Las Vegas!!

My friend, Kim, and I planned our trip. We were going to run in the Half Marathon and stay a few extra days in Vegas. But as my luck would have it, Kim had a family emergency that came up and she was not able to make it. I had to go it alone, because you can’t get a refund on airfare.  DSCF6081-001

I flew out there and stayed at a hotel & casino that was off of the strip. My niece, Jessicca, lives out there so I contacted her to let her know I was in town.

I went to packet pick up Friday and planned to catch the shuttle bus in the morning to the starting line. Again, as my luck would have it, I missed the shuttle bus. I totally miscalculated my drive time and got there 15 minutes late. So I decided to drive to the start line. I called Jessicca to let her know that I would need a ride back to my car after the run and she said she was planning on coming out to cheer me on. But….

…as my luck would have it again, I was late for the start and there was no place for gear check at the starting area which meant I had no place to put my stuff while I ran.

Frustrated, I drove back to the finish area and signed up for the 5k. I got on the shuttle bus and was taken to the 5k starting area. The run was along the Red Rocks area and it was so pretty out there. But as any runner knows, the bladder shifts into overdrive and you suddenly have to pee. portapotty Of course there is only one outhouse out there but luckily the shuttle bus has a toilet on it.

So I emptied my bladder and was ready to run. I took off at an easy steady pace. I ended up running the hole way with only 3 walks to the count of 10. I PR’d at 36:11. My best time for a 5k. I received a finisher’s medal and then waited for Zumba to begin.

It was so much fun, but I was a little disappointed I didn’t run the half. Jessicca came out with her boyfriend and brought signs they made to cheer me on. How sweet!!

After all those festivities, we went to IHOP and had breakfast. Then Jessicca and David played tour guide and took me to The Strip and we hit some of the shops. It was so cool. Who know the M&M store was 4 levels and that the Hershey store had 3 statue of Liberties; one carved from chocolate, one made out of Twizzlers and one made out of jelly beans.