Running is fun….sorta

I have been running since the summer of 2012.  Crazy to start in the summer, yeah, but that’s just what I did.  I actually couldn’t even run at first.  I had to start out walking a couple miles a few times a week.  After 2 weeks I could jog for a minute or two then walk again, then jog again, then walk again.  It took me about 6 weeks before I could run (incredibly slowly) for 3 miles.  Then in October 2012 I ran my first 5k.  I finished in 46:11.

Talent Harvest Festival 10-06-013

My first 5k

It was such a euphoric experience, I immediately took membership with the local running club, Southern Oregon Runners, and the local training group, Southern Oregon Running Enthusiasts (SORE).  I have been running ever since.

Not all runs are fun, motivating, or great but all are invigorating.  I recently trained so long and ran 5 events in a 5 week period (3 of them were half marathons!) that I totally burned myself out.  After that, I think I ran 4 times in two and a half months and when I finally did run my next 5k, my finish was 49:22.  My worst time ever!  Should I mention that I was also nursing a chest cold and coughed and hacked the whole time?  But it doesn’t matter what my time is, I am always glad I signed up, trained, and finished.




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